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INSIDERS TRADING has built one of the most accurate stocks and options trading communities online, powered by experienced professional swing and day traders.
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Yes, 95% accurate. Our team has been strategically chosen to maximize trading profits for even the most beginner traders. We use DISCORD for many specific reasons.

Expert Traders

95% accuracy isn't easy to acheive, but we've found the best traders in the game. Our analysts have been trading for years.

95% Accuracy

Through software, expert traders, deep analytics, and timeless experience, we've perfectly dialed in our performance.

Smart Trade Analytics

We're not just guessing! Insiders Trading uses our own proprietary software to pinpoint signals as accurate as possible.

Use Discord Anywhere

We operate Insiders Trading using our very own Discord Channel. It's free, and extremely simple to use. Sign up today!

Simple User Interface

Discord has built one of the very best chat platforms on the internet. We wouldn't trust our livelihood to anyone else!

Best Online Security

Our Discord channel is extremely secure and has never been hacked. We have a team of technical assistants on hand at all times.

Success Stories

Join our community of over 1000 SUCCESSFUL stock and options traders today! Financial freedom is just a click away. Read our reviews here!
Chris Stevens New York

"The moderators call out reliable signals every day without fail (~90%)!"

Jean Marks Chicago

"Insiders helped me gain 100% on my account in the last week alone."

Mason Duvan Seattle

"Whether you are a Tier 1 trader or a Tier 3 trader, you will cash the hell out!"

Sean Jackson Los Angeles

"So many people with amazing insight who want you to succeed just like them."

Maria Allesi San Francisco

"I'm never looking back on my Tier 3 Insiders Lifetime purchase."

Jesse PatrisonMiami

"Please for your sake, let this group give you the financial freedom you have wished for."

Flexible Pricing

We've made it as efficient as possible for all users, from beginners to experts, to get access to the best Stocks & Options trading signals on the internet.
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$69 / month
$0 / yearly
  • Restricted Trading Chat
  • Basic Trading Bots
  • Admin Private Chat
  • Access To All Education


$89 / month
$320 / yearly
  • Unlimited Trading Signals
  • Unlimited Trading Chat
  • Custom Trading Bots
  • Admin Private Chat
  • Access To All Education


$149 / month
$900 / yearly
  • Unlimited Trading Signals
  • Unlimited Trading Chat
  • Custom Trading Bots
  • Private 1-On-1 Training
  • Private Trade Analysis
  • Admin Private Chat
  • Access To All Education
* Credit Card NOT required for Free Trial *

Frequently asked questions

Have a question about our memberships? Or looking for a refund? We would love to hear from you.

  • Simple & Smart DISCORD Server
  • Experienced Day Trading Experts
  • Affordable monthly plans. Cancel anytime!

Discord is an extremely simple, yet powerful, chat application that many global organizations use to host their company's, organization's, or community's chat interface. Trust us, we've been using it for years and our members love it. We've tried other platforms, but our team, and members love Discord. Enjoy signing up today!

Though you will eventually need a trading account to start making money with, you can certainly test our Tier 2 FREE Trial membership out without making any real trades. Better yet, you can use your FREE Trial to test trade on a platform you're just signing up for!

Yes! Trading our own money is actually how we got started. We've only recently been handing out 95% accurate trading signals on a silver platter to the public.

No. We won't ever trade anyone's money for them. Our firm is not set up to accept funds like that for any reason.

No. It's our company name, and that is all. We work very hard to analyze markets, trends, companies, and momentums in order to trade as accurately as possible. Insider trading is very illegal, and we do not condone it.

Yes, refunds are offered up to 3 days after purchase, absolutely risk free! Contact an admin.

Skyrocket your trading.

Our trading team is here to help you and make sure your trading is taken to the next level. While we can't guarantee anything, nearly 100% of our members make their membership fees back typically within one single day.